We help companies turn challenges into opportunities by boosting their ideation & problem-solving skills

We believe in preparing people and organisations for the future, by teaching the skills necessary to take the future by storm. By developing capacity for effective rapid ideation and complex problem solving, we help organisations prepare for - and adapt to - the ever changing and rapidly developing technologies and competition of tomorrow.
Our foundation is more than ten years of neuroscientific research in creative problem solving by top practitioners in the field, and we have demonstrated our results in a peer-reviewed scientific publication. This is why we can ensure efficient and effective training and workshops.
That means faster problem solving, better ideation, higher efficiency - ultimately leading to less time wasted, better ideas generated, better solutions generated and more money earned by our clients.
Specifically, we work with organisations to:
1) Employ creativity structurally to unlock innovative solutions of tomorrow.
2) Increase efficiency in ideation.
3) Enhance complex problem solving.
4) Synthesize complex problems and identify the right solutions, in the right context.
5) Co-create results with internal and external stakeholders.

What we believe

Creativity lies at the core of all human behavior – in teaching, research, invention, innovation, entrepreneurship, management and leadership. It is the key tool we use to solve all sorts of problems, and come up with groundbreaking ideas. At Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity (CINC) we have spent the last decade researching how the brain works when we are creative and how this knowledge can be applied in practise.

Drawing on insights from Neuroscience we provide a deep understanding of what creativity actually is and how it works. Knowledge that we have shared through inspiring and engaging lectures workshops and courses on Neurocreativity for audiences all around the world, ranging from Masters students to top level executives. We use this knowledge to teach and train people how to effectively increase their creative capabilities.
By learning how to identify and manipulate various creativity constraints – both practical and mental (neurological constraints) – anyone can learn how to utilize their personal skills and competencies creatively, benefitting both individuals, organisations and society as a whole.


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