Inspirational Talks

Want to get a brief introduction to the Neuroscience of Creativity? Want to see who in the office is best at divergent thinking? Are some people really more creative than others? Can creativity be trained? Does alcohol really make you more creative?
Book an inspirational talk and get introduced to the neuroscience of creativity.

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Lectures & Workshops

CINC also offers a range of expert lectures about the neuroscience of creativity. These can be booked as separate talks, mixed together or integrated as part of a longer interactive session / workshop. These lectures are about 45 minutes long, and workshops last about 3 hours.

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What happens in our brains when we are being creative?

Neuroscientist Morten Friis- Olivarius has been studying the creative brain for more than 9 years, and seeks to answer the question above. In this talk he will walk us through the foundations of the new field of NeuroCreativity, the key underlying concepts, as well as potential uses for the neuroscience of creativity - NeuroCreativity.
(Available in English and Danish)

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How can we apply insights from the Neuroscience of Creativity in a business setting?

In this talk, Dr. Balder Onarheim takes us through 60 years of creativity research, as well as the most recent insights from the neuroscience of creativity, and shows how these insights can be transformed to simple principles that can be applied in a business setting.
(Available in English, Danish and Norwegian)

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How can insights from NeuroCreativity be used to design solutions for the bottom billion?

In this talk CINC Managing Partner, Jacob Lennheden, shares exicting research on High-Tech Low-Cost Frugal Innovations and demonstrates how recents insights from creativity research and the neuroscience of creativity can be used to enhance the creation of cost effective Frugal Innovations for emerging markets.

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